Weird Sound 𝄐 with Andrea Conangla

Weird Sound, hosted by Andrea Conangla, is a podcast with guest musicians and artists to explore what motivates them.

Here you can get some insights into the artistic creation process behind the album Autopsychografia and the world of contemporary classical music.

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Kollektiv TRIGGER is a female vocal ensemble created in 2021 in Stuttgart dedicated to contemporary music.  Kollektiv TRIGGER are true modern voice specialists skillfully mastering experimental and extended vocal techniques and moving freely within genres.

Kollektiv TRIGGER offers a fresh perspective into new music theater, multidisciplinary performance and artistic intervention.

artistic direction

no fe·mi·ni·no // andrea conangla

no fe·mi·ni·no is Andrea Conangla’s artistic reflection about the role of women in society, art and culture - a musical travel through more than two centuries, where classical music, conceptual music and pop culture intersect with activism, feminism, political music and mixed media.This one hour program starts with a strong declaration of artistic mission by revisiting the well-known aria Quando m’en vo of Puccini’s La Bohème in the light of modernity in a version for voice, piano, electronics and video. The parallelism between the works of composers of our days and Robert Schumann’s famous, beautiful and controversial cycle Frauenliebe und Leben (Love and Life of a Woman) comment the long arm of patriarchy thoroughly sewn to a cultural fabric of generations. Extreme Makeover closes the program on a raw and personal note about imperfection and reality.

Works by: R. Schumann, A. Reimann, J. Cage, K. Saariaho, S. Borges, A. Conangla

Andrea Conangla, voice and artistic direction
Marcelo Amaral, piano
Manuela Ferrão, cello

This program is flexible and can be presented in a series of combinations.

composition / ativism

QUANDO M’EN VO (1889/2023)

for soprano, piano, eletronics and video

Giacomo Puccini (1889-1898)

Concept: Andrea Conangla
Piano: Olga Wien
Electronics: Lorenz Lehmann
Video: Alexander Birzele, Jakob Guntermann, Ruben Jenschke, Rob Bliss
Text review and adaptation: Eleonora Siciliano

Participants:  Bruna Wanke, Freya Hägele, Hanna Kersten,  Hannah Gries, Katharina Göhr, Krīstine Freimane, Miyon Schultka,  Stephanie Zimmermann, Veronika Reuz Drobnić.



Conference around the subject of Diversity organised and moderated by me in collaboration with HMDK Stuttgart and the Staatsoper Stuttgart.

Panel: Tichina Vaughn, Tracy Cox, Holden Madagame, Robert Crowe, Marion Eckstein, Franziska Kötz and Tillmann Reinbeck.

composition / improvisation


sound installation about democracy

This sound installation was created in collaboration with my partner Rui Ribeiro for an exhibition about democracy in Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg. For this, a software script was created to search for the word “democracy” translated in multiple languages using the API of Musixmatch, a platform with over 14 million lyrics.

The songs which resulted from this search were then used as sound input for a small application which constantly played one random second from one random song. The visitors of the exhibition could interact with this application by clicking of a button which then played a song from a random point for a period of 10 seconds. This experience was meant to reflect the casual relationship between people and what surrounds them, from the consumption of media content to the lack of interest from young people to get politically involved.

composition / improvisation


Extreme Makeover is Andrea Conangla’s reflection on the unrealistic beauty standards set by society and social media that powerfully affect the perception of our own bodies, their perfections and imperfections.