Andrea has been teaching voice lessons privately since 2014. In the lessons the students can discover their unique voices, learn how to control their breath, improve their posture, develop vocal power and a healthy sustainable use of the voice.

Voice training is helpful for speech-intensive professions such as: executives, lawyers, trainers, teachers, educators, sales consultants, actors, musicians, singers and choralists and all those who want to maintain and improve their voice.

Voice lessons improves self-confidence, promotes self-knowledge and helps to build stronger and clearer communication between people.

If you’re interested in singing lessons ︎ drop Andrea a line!


Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen

Since the Winter Semester 2020 Andrea Conangla has been a lecturer for Vocal Improvisation at the Musikhochschule Trossingen (Germany). Here she has been trusted to develop a personalized study programme for this discipline In vocal improvisation, Andrea creates with her students new exercises where new, experimental and conceptual music are the starting point. Impulses for improvisation include texts, objects, pre-composed music, composition exercises and digital media.

Amplified: Voices from the Future, a vocal improvisation performance video by students of the HfM Trossingen that expresses the concerns and positioning of the young generation on the topic of climate change. In this video, images of current events will influence the voices and lead us to the final question: "What does the future sound like?"


Field of Vision

Field of Vision, in the form that exists today, is the result of many years of research and experimentation with very diverse groups of people, from artists, to teachers, to computer engineers, etc. This experience was born from a drama exercise studied in Brasil and later developed by me during my Education Masters Degree to include and work with the human body in a more complete and creative way, using movement and voice.

This workshop aims to break an uninspiring line of thought by bringing people together through movement and improvisation. You will be exploring space as a group by moving, acting and reacting, interacting with your peers in new way where each one will have the opportunity to be in a leading situation and make their ideias be seen and heard in a creative way.

This workshop has been taught in Portugal, at the Universidade de Aveiro, Balleteatro School, in Germany at the Hochschule für Musik Trossingen and in Poland at the University for Musik Lodz. This workshop can also be done as a team building experience for companies.