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M. & P. Azguime: Le développement infini nous tue

Conductor: Pedro Neves 
Sondarte Electric Ensemble
O’culto da Ajuda

H. Wolf: Die Spröde

Andrea Conangla, soprano
Tatsuya Ohira, piano

John Cage: Aria

The scores of John Cage offer a very open field of possibility. It was very important for to bring a bit of me to the piece, something that was on my mind that filled the space that John Cage left open. My interpretation this piece went through many phases of exploration and experimentation. This final version was born in the peak of the #metoo movement and is a product of long consideration and discussion with my colleagues, family and friends. Harassment is—unfortunately—part of most women's lives. I felt it was important to bring this discussion to the classical and contemporary music field, as it is absolutely not exempt of guilt, very much on the contrary. 

A. Schoenberg: Der genügsame Liebhaber (1901)

Andrea Conangla, soprano
Kamila Lopatka, piano
Recording: Johannes Schropp

Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

C. Debussy: Pierrot

Andrea Conangla, soprano
Tatsuya Ohira, piano